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🥁 Arcona launches an open advertising network in augmented reality

🥁 Arcona launches an open advertising network in augmented reality

💥 So, we are already preparing a unique advertising network, where you can upload your videos just in a couple of minutes. All you need is a link to the video and a rented billboard, and your AR message will be seen by people anywhere in the world! The service will run automatically, without the involvement of the development team. Get your videos ready and wait for the next app update! The popularity of AR advertising is gaining momentum. Researchers at ARtillery Intelligence are full of optimism and predict growth from $3.5 billion to $14.5 billion in 2027! 🚀 The main thing that the experts see is the huge potential of the advertising field. Business has already realized all the advantages of promoting their products in augmented reality, but tools, bright formats and global platforms are still lacking. Only a few startups, such as 8th Wall or Zappar, are creating advertising projects. Social networks remain the universal places of distribution, and the main formats are Snapchat and Instagram lenses, AR search in TikTok, and navigation in Google Maps. Some brands are making their own apps, but it's expensive and not very effective. And even against that backdrop, the AR advertising market is expanding at a rate of 33.8% per year. By comparison, classic advertising has peaked and is almost at a standstill. Standard advertising spending is now about $738 billion. AR's share of that is less than 0.5%, and that's a huge opportunity for growth. This means that soon everything will change! And the Arcona team is working hard to reformat the AR industry.
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